‘I am Ghost’ on the NoSleep Podcast Halloween Special 2018

Halloween may be over now (for this year, at any rate), but I am still thrilled that my story I am Ghost was produced by the NoSleep Podcast team as part of their 2018 Halloween special episode. The horror anthology show is renowned for its Halloween Episodes, which bring you over two hours of fully immersive creepy tales ...completely free. These special episodes and their phenomenal production standards are what brought me to the podcast in the first place, and once I was hooked, the rest is history, as they say.

I am Ghost was brought to life expertly, as always, by the remarkable voice talents of David Ault, Erika Sanderson, and Erin Lillis. It tells the story of Max (or is that Ghost?) on the night of Halloween. Max likes to trick or treat just like any other boy, but his tastes have moved beyond gummy bears and lollipops. In fact, he prefers more... mature treats, these days. It's my favourite David Ault story yet, and he may as well have written it himself for how well he realised my devious little creation.

You can listen using the audio player below, on any podcast app, or anywhere else where podcasts can be found. My story starts around 1:15:10.

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