New horror anthology from the best selling NoSleep author alliance

new horror anthology out now on AmazonA while ago, I wrote a campfire story called ‘The Little Man’,which was produced by the No Sleep podcast early on in Season 10. Now I’m thrilled to announce that the story has been released in print as part of brand new horror anthology ‘The Trees Have Eyes’.

You can pre order the e-book on Kindle, and buy the paperback version here. (This is obviously the UK link. For US copies simply search for the title in the .com version of the site).

This collection is brought to you by the No Sleep Author Alliance,  a very active group of writers from both reddit and the NoSleep podcast. You’ll find a wealth of styles and approaches to the theme of ‘things you see in the forest’ and ‘campfires’.  It makes for perfect holiday reading, as each short story is self-contained and bite-sized.

The Kindle version is due for release on July 1st. In the meantime, advanced review copies will be available for certain subscribers. If you’d like one of those, please contact me and I’ll get you on the list.

I’m proud to be featured alongside a whole host of well-known online writers including David Clark, Tobias Wade (who is also publishing the collection under his specialised publishing house, Haunted House Press), and many more. The No Sleep Author Alliance is a hugely proactive group of writers who support each other’s work, and idea share, critique and collaborate freely. The end result is plain to see: anthologies, novels and projects galore.

Haunted House press have a track record of publishing horror fiction stalwarts like S.H.Cooper and many more. These books often dominate amazon and kindle rankings for their chosen categories, so fingers crossed ‘Trees’ does as well as it deserves to.

And don’t forget, if you like the book, please leave a review! (You’ll need to be logged into your personal amazon account). Reviews are life to authors like us, so don’t hesitate to spread the word if you like what you read.

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