We Are Wolves by Amor, Hightower & Pelayo

Once upon a time, there was a woman, and she was tired. Tired of pushing. Tired of being pushed. Tired of feeling alone. Tired of so much. 

So she gathered together a pack of wolves, a band of mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, partners, friends, lovers, survivors, victors and brilliant, shining things, and she told them to sing. And sing they did. The result is WE ARE WOLVES, a chorus of of terrifying, moving and heart-breaking stories from some of horror’s finest contemporary writers including Gemma Amor, Laurel Hightower, Cina Pelayo, Sarah Read, Hailey Piper, V Castro, Sara Tantlinger, Sonora Taylor and many more.All proceeds from the sale of this charity anthology will go towards helping the survivors of abuse and assault.

“The bravest book you’ll read all year. Harrowing, yes, but necessarily so. As empowering as it is powerful. Not only does the book benefit a crucial cause, the stories are extraordinary, written by more than a dozen paramount voices in horror. Sometimes a book illuminates as it entertains; WE ARE WOLVES is that rare find.” – Josh Malerman, New York Times best selling author of BIRD BOX and MALORIE

“Disturbing, evocative, and profoundly haunting, WE ARE WOLVES is a high-def snapshot of the future of the horror genre. It pulls no punches, asks for no quarter, and will leave you breathless. I loved it.” – Best-selling author and World Horror Grandmaster Award winner Brian Keene