Girl on Fire by Gemma Amor

Ruby Miller is free at last. Free from her past, her tormentor, her shitty family and the even shittier odds she was given at birth.

But freedom has a price, and when the young girl hell-bent on starting a new life crashes her cherry red 1989 Pontiac Bonneville on America’s loneliest road, she finds out just how dear that price is.

GIRL ON FIRE is a searing tale of fire, revenge and redemption, a coming-of-age tale with a bite, because, let’s face it…happy endings are for children, and some girls just want to watch the world burn.

“I was like a rag doll in Amor’s clutches in this book as she threw me about, battered me, burned me and just had her wicked way – it was a rollercoaster of a ride and I never wanted it to stop” –

“Steeped in anger and rage, but it also has a passionate beauty to it”  -Night Worms