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Here you can find links to all my published stories on the various podcasts I write for. I aim my work firmly at adults, so much of my writing contains mature themes including depictions of graphic violence, and gore. Please bear this in mind, and proceed with caution. At the moment, trigger warnings aren’t in place on this site (I’m working on this), but you can usually find them attached to each podcast episode on the respective website.

You can also find out more about me here, and more about upcoming and recently published work and my general thoughts on the horror genre on my Blog.

I also frequently post links to my work on my Facebook page, so head on over there for more immediate updates and news.


There are so many wonderful audio drama podcasts out there these days. I’ve been lucky enough to work with several of them, with more to come. I’m always happy to collaborate with up and coming podcasts, and of course would love to get more involved in the well established shows out there too. Contact me if you need a podcast writer!

The No Sleep Podcast

No Sleep Podcast

My stories feature on this fully immersive horror fiction podcast. Performed by amazing voice actors, with sound design to die for (literally), each week NoSleep bring you two hours of audio drama from the best horror writers out there today (oh, yeah, and me).

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Shadows at the Door

I was delighted to be featured in this classy, atmospheric ghost story anthology show. My story Let Sleeping Gods Lie is in Season One.

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Whispers in the Night Podcast

i write for whispers in the night

I’m the resident writer for Whispers in the Night podcast, which dedicates each new episode to a paranormal mystery, discusses each topic with new guests, and features a piece of fiction written by yours truly. Again, performed by top notch narrators with great sound effects.

Read on for more details.

The Grey Rooms Podcast

I have a story on the grey rooms podcast

I’ve got a horror story coming up in this new, hotly anticipated episodic audio drama The Grey Rooms.

More details to follow soon.

Coming soon… Calling Darkness and Whisper Ridge…check back for more information soon.