Full Immersion by Gemma Amor

Holding cover- Real Cover coming soon

When Magpie- a traumatised mother with amnesia- discovers her own dead body one misty morning in Bristol, it launches her on a desperate journey to uncover the truth of her untimely demise. Her investigations take her on a terrifying ride through multiple realities, experimental treatments, technological innovations and half-memories in a race against time and sanity. Accompanied by a new friend who is both familiar and strange, and constantly on the run from the terrifying, relentless presence of the mysterious predator known only as Silhouette, Magpie slowly pieces together the parts of her life previously hidden and in doing so, discovers the truth about her past, her potential, and her future.

My most personal book yet, FULL IMMERSION is a dark-VR-psychological-horror story unlike anything else I’ve written to date. Part autobiography, part exploration of what it means to overcome even the most persistent of demons, I’m tremendously proud and excited that this will be my traditionally published debut from the wonderful Angry Robot books.

We are now building a list of those who would like advanced copies for review purposes. The bulk of these will be digital eARCS, however if you have specific requirements for physical ARCS this can be looked at. We will be making a bigger push for this once the cover is finalised, but if you want to get in early, now’s the time.

Please email your ARC requests to: gemma (dot) creffield (at) angryrobotbooks (dot) com. Make sure you put FULL IMMERSION ARC REQUEST in the email subject- it’ll make everyone’s lives a little easier, thank you. This will also be available to request on NetGalley, hopefully by early summer.

Cover reveal soon.