Till the Score is Paid- revised version THESE WOUNDS is out NOW

cover image for THESE WOUNDS WE MAKE

Beady-eyed readers may have noticed that my latest short story collection, TILL THE SCORE IS PAID, which was published in December 2019 by Giles Press, has been listed as ‘unavailable’ for some time on both Amazon and via the publisher. I’ve had a lot of enquiries about buying the book, and enquiries from (rightly) disgruntled readers who, upon ordering their special numbered edition of the book direct from the publisher upon launch, then didn’t receive their copy. Not ideal.

The reason for this is that Giles, shortly after releasing TTSP, closed their doors for business very suddenly. I was not warned of this development, and communication in general from Giles was extremely poor from the moment the book was made live. Having parted ways amicably despite this, rights for the book reverted back to me, but the timing was terrible- I was deep in the final stages of finishing WHITE PINES, and then, as soon as I released that novel into the wild, a global pandemic somewhat scuppered my publishing schedule- something which, in the grand scheme of everything that has happened this year, is a mild annoyance at best, and yet. My readers have consistently supported me throughout my journey, and deserve better, particularly when it comes to receiving books in exchange for money put down.

TTSP languished in the doldrums for a while as I hunkered down during quarantine, which is a real shame, because the collection includes some of my favourite stories yet, including ‘Caleb’, ‘Rat Girl,’ ‘The Strangler,’ and ‘Justine’. Eventually, I came across the insanely helpful and clever Ross Jeffrey, (who is a very talented author and you should buy his books). Ross very kindly agreed to help me reformat the lost book, and I commissioned the ever talented Mark Pelham to create a new cover, as I wanted to create a little distance from the previous edition and breathe a new identity into the collection with some fresh art.

And so, I am delighted to share that finally, after an age of faffing about, a BRAND NEW REVISED EDITION of the short story collection is AVAILABLE NOW ON KINDLE AND IN PAPERBACK!

Now entitled THESE WOUNDS WE MAKE, the collection has a shiny new title, gorgeously creepy cover, and also now features two brand new additional stories and illustrations hand-painted by me to sweeten the deal. There are thirteen stories in total about the supernatural, strange, and downright hellish. What is down in Lee’s basement? When will the war be over? Who does that mysterious dog belong to? What is that thing under the bed? Why is Justine so angry? What is that crack in the wall? And how exactly does one get rid of a body? All will be revealed- simply hit that BUY button below.

It goes without saying that if you are one of those readers (and thankfully, I don’t think there are many of you left now) who ordered a special edition of TTSP and didn’t receive it, then please LET ME KNOW. I will either personally refund you, or send a signed copy of THESE WOUNDS out to you as compensation. Contact me with proof of purchase and I’ll get on the case.

And for those of you who are backers wondering about WHITE PINES, seeing as I mentioned it earlier- slowly and surely, I am starting to mail backer copies out. It’s going to take me a while, but I am working through them! Your patience and support, as always, is much appreciated. ❤

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