White Pines: Prologue

White Pines: my new horror series

And now, folks, it’s time for something a little different. I’m working on a new, serialised collection of stories, entitled and centered around the mysterious town of White Pines.

Read White Pines: Prologue here.

White Pines is my new pet project, if you like. I’m enjoying writing short stories immensely, but lately I’ve been aching to try something larger in both scale and vision. By nature, I love description and scene-setting, character building, context and backstories. Basically, I like detail, and sometimes short stories are a bit prohibitive of this.

White Pines is more of a creeping mystery than outright horror, but there is a hefty element of the paranormal, as is usual with my fiction.

Plot summary:

On the morning of May the 1st, 1996, the town of White Pines up and vanished into thin air, taking 1,346 people with it. Nothing remained to indicate that the town had ever existed: there were no buildings left behind, or survivors. There was only a large, black stain which lay where the town used to lie. 

Follow a small team of journalists, led by the insatiable and relentless Megan, as they look for answers, work to uncover the mystery of what happened to the town, and investigate the mysterious things that occur in the wake of it’s disappearance. 

I hope you enjoy it, cheesy plot synopses aside. I’m planning on releasing each chapter like this, as I complete it. Eventually I’ll publish the final work to kindle, in novel format. With that in mind, I’m always looking for decent cover art for this sort of thing…stock imagery only goes so far! Contact me if you want to lend a helping hand!


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